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Pratishtha is a very inspiring and motivating person, she is very knowledgeable, and it is very clear that she is very passionate and involved in what she does. She adjusts her plan based on that you need, and her words and the information she provides is very clear and organized. Her words and experience gave me the courage to better myself and the tips and advice she gave me are life-changing. Overall, her workshops are extremely helpful and every second I spent in it was completely worth it, if you are planning on taking action, and solving all of the problems or difficulties that you might be facing, I would definitely recommend that you join her workshop, and trust me I am sure that it will help you just as much as it helped me.

Aisha Al Zabi


Prathistha’s positive attitude and perspective over life is something which adds more star to this course.This course not only help me in clearing doubts in my head but the activities which Prathistha’s plans in the class bring more discipline and makes an individual more active in life as well. This course is truly a blessing for someone who is looking forward to make lasting changes in key areas of their life . Prathistha is a great mentor and advisor who is helping me to develop a deeper awareness and greater fulfillment in life. Thank you for everything..

Pallavi Singh

Business Analytics and strategic Insight Professional

This year has taken its toll on many, including myself and Coach Pratishtha was there to guide me through this difficult period. She specifically tailored her programs to fit my needs, encouraged me to grow out of the negative mindset that I was in and even helped me work through some past memories that I needed to deal with. I see her as a mentor and a phenomenal life coach who has genuine care for people. She is clearly passionate about motivating others to reach their full potential and she allows you to look beyond the limits that you had set for yourself. I am and will always be grateful for her. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to hire a life coach, as her positivity is contagious and will definitely improve your quality of life

Liyana Al Abdul Salam

News Presenter at Virgin Radio

Pratishtha helped me at a time when I was very low in my career. She helped me imagine the true essence of what I aimed for and clearly mesmerized me with her technique of looking into the future I wanted for myself. I cannot thank her enough for the help she provided me at a time when I was really low in my career and personal life. Thanks a ton Pratishtha. I would really recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of help. She is always available and her constant feedbacks and touch with the individual helps in easing the situation

Sameer Mirani

Senior Staff consultant, People Enablement Team at Nagarro

I have known Pratishtha since our HCL days. She comes across as a confident person with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I also have attended couple of her training sessions and found them to be very insightful. The content, method of delivery, keeping participants engaged through out the session is impeccable. She has hands on experience about her role and she have an excellent eye for detail. I wish her all the very best for her future journey.

Maj Sumeet Chibber

Chief Human Resource Officer at Incredible Management Services

I had the pleasure of meeting Pratishtha through my social enterprise Lahum. She is a dedicated individual who thrives on helping others succeed. Pratishtha is a fast learner, team player and easily adapts to any environment. I can tie this all together by sharing how she learned how to create a website just to build one for Lahum and support our nonprofit! Pratishtha is an incredible addition to any team and a joy to work with!

Ameera Amir

Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University

I had the pleasure to meet Pratishtha during a peer coaching session on our journey of becoming a coach. It was there that I experienced her as a coach for the first time. Her ability to interact and make people comfortable around her is beautiful. Her presence made me feel safe, something which is very important for a coach. And the non-judgmental space she held for me allowed me to be vulnerable. Her questions probed me to think deeper than what meets the eye. The session was truly powerful as I was able to not only express myself fully but also discover something new about myself. It is truly gratifying to be associated with her on this journey. I’m positive that she will be a great addition to the coaching community.

Shivani Mansingh

Professional Coach

I attended a training program conducted by Pratishtha. She came out as an extremely confident trainer, showcasing her deep knowledge throughout the program. The real time activities and tasks were applicable in real life and helped in real transformation. She did regular accountability checks throughout the program to ensure all participants understand the concepts and are able to implement them in real life. I would recommend her to anyone who is genuinely looking to experience transformation in their life.

Himani Deswal

Manager Axis Bank

I would say the journey of those 21 days was amazing, we have been given different tasks, which I feel helped my knowing me better, it helped me identify my thoughts of feeling which are stopping me to go or move ahead. During these days, I have come across losing these negative thoughts and build new way of positive thinking. The meditation activity daily is designed keeping in thought the overall abundance process, which help in inner peace and relaxing, creates positive energy and feelings. Now I know all my desires and dreams are coming my way turning into reality. Overall, the journey was amazing and I'll continue to meditate and take it as part of my life. Namaste!!

Jitender Dahiya

Bank Official

Pratishtha is truly an amazing personality with a golden heart. Her eagerness to help others makes her stand out from the crowd. She is brilliant in coaching, and guiding people to achieve their goals. She helps in getting clarity of your thoughts and vision very beautifully. Professionally and personally, both, she is wonderful.

Sumedha Madaan

Owner at Hello Happiness

Pratishtha Bhalla is very talented, optimistic and a god gifted soul. She has great insights, which she shares with all her followers. I've met her in person and felt the divine energies around her. She is a blessing to know and has much to offer this world. I wish her all the best in life and feel highly motivated and inspired by her.

Kanika Garg

Founder, Healing Souls

Pratishtha ma’am is a fantastic Peak Performance Coach. She has great command on the topic. Her flow of delivery and awesome mind techniques make the session Amazing! All the best for your MISSION to help transform the lives of your participants.

Aniel Kishor Kumar

CEO at Indus Valley Play School

Hello, Pratishtha Bhalla, holistic success coach!!! Thank you so much dear for your all time wonderful and inspiring keynote. You have inspired me to implement a number of things within my department, organisation and my personal life. It's because of you am building deeper relationships with my work. You recommended me to write positive phase of my life. Your wordings "agar rocket ki Tarah udna hai to pooch me aag lagi honi chahiye. " (If you want to shoot like a rocket, you must have fire in your tail). You are absolutely right sweetheart. If you want success then change your story... change your excuses . Dear I am connected to you so long, I am putting my best efforts because of you. You motivated me to create my own dream. Thank you so much dear. The little words and thoughts you share with people have a large impact on our personal and business lives. I love what I do because you reminded me it's fun!!! Wishes you all the best to you. May God bless you with all happiness of the world... a great success ahead..

Jyoti Kamal Handa


Pratishtha is a perfect Leadership coach. She had good energy to keep me focused and think beyond my current vision and expand my vision beyond my imagination. She ensured that the session was comfortable and at my pace, which helped me in breaking my goals into smaller chunks and make them look achievable. I would recommend her coaching sessions to anyone looking for a breakthrough in their life, as she offers high quality sessions that can help you in setting your goals and converting them into reality.

Ravi Kiran Tenali

Founder at Tenali Sports Tech Limited

Pratishtha as a coach has been a very enlightening experience for me. She touches down on the issues very softly and helps to go ahead in a constructive way. I would surely like to recommend her as she is very understanding. She has a very kind and subtle approach of looking at things and paving your way ahead for achieving your goals. More than a coach, she is a friend you can trust completely. During the sessions with her I realized that the various aspects of life are all interrelated - to reach the maximum in one field one has to outperform in others too. What makes it more interesting is the fact that there was no monotony in the session. It was very entertaining, where I learnt new things about myself. Pratishtha as a coach is emerging as a very competent player. I wish her all the very best. I am sure I will be able to achieve my goals under her guidance very soon. You should give it a shot and you won’t regret.

Priyanka Saroha

Income Tax Officer, Government of India

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